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Blue Group

Blue Group is our Kindergarten Prep class sometimes known as transitional kindergarten. This program has been designed and developed to meet the needs of our students who are older 4's and young 5's. Our curriculum for all of our groups is designed to help develop the whole child in all areas including: social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, creatively and physically.We believe that to truly prepare a child for kindergarten

and formal education, we need to not only provide opportunities and activities that promote academic growth and understanding but also introduce them to school readiness skills and concepts. Therefore our Pre-K programs are designed to help your child develop appropriate and meaningful peer relationships and acquire competence in their emotional literacy skills and interpersonal problem solving abilities. We will also help them develop a respectful relationship between themselves and school personnel and learn how to trust and respect others as they are trusted and respected. It is this area of social and emotional development that will give your child a positive head start for their future school career and life in general.

First pick up time for our Blue Group students

is 12:45 p.m. with a 2:00 p.m. pick up time also available.

Teacher to student ratio tops off at 10 to 1.

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